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Frequently Asked Questions on Russian Blades

Choosing the right knife can be a very exciting process but along the way, you may have questions which we are happy to answer. Below is a listing of commonly asked questions for you to review. If you need more assistance, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Russian Blades carry the finest knives from top brands which include: AIR, MEDVED, RUSSIAN BULAT, A FEDOTOV, KIZLYAR, MR BLADE, NORD CROWN, BASKO, URAKOV, and SANDRE
Our blades are very unique and we offer a large collection of Russian knives with different handle compositions like the following: Birch Bark, Hornbeam wood, Walnut wood, Damascus, Sapele Wood, Carved handles, Karelian Birth, Wenge, Leather, Metal, Moosehorn, Ironwood, Micarta, and more
We sell our knives in USA and worldwide through our dealers. Some of our dealers have exclusive models and special deals so please check them all. Please call us for a complete listing of dealers.
Russian Blades offers only top quality brands and we offer a 10 year warranty on materials and craftsmanship.
Russian Blades is always open to expanding in the USA. If you are interested to become a dealer, please contact us at our corporate office to get started.