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Founded in 1998,  PP "Kizlyar" carries an impeccable reputation throughout Russia and other countries. Known for the  production of civil cold bladed weapons, knives and household purpose souvenir weapons. All models of knives, daggers and sabres are handmade, using the traditions of Caucasian gunsmiths of the past centuries.  "Kizlyar" knives are popular among a broad grouping of hunters, fishermen, tourists, military, special staff. units, collectors, housewives, etc. The demand for knives, both in Russia and abroad is growing. Realization comes through our own forwarding service in more than six hundred retail outlets in almost all regions of the Russian Federation.

Russian Blades will be offering a full collection of Kizlyar knives. Please check back soon.


KIZLYAR - fixed

Fixed Blades

Fixed Blade Knives. Non-folding knives are designed for dozens of applications and include hunting knives and survival. View our complete collection of unique fixed blades.

KIZLYAR - machete


Machete. We carry a wide variety of fixed blades that are geared towards camping and hiking. We have light knives, small and medium size knives, as well as big ones.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me get my knives from Russia. I appreciate the customer support and willingness to answer any questions. Thanks for you great customer service, your selection is very good. The product arrived exactly when they said. I have told others to go to your site too if they need good Russian knives. Very good company, good prices, great customer service!! Thanks a lot!