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Hunting Knife Aldan (9XC, Hornbeam wood, Duralumin)

Medved, Aldan, Hunting, Fixed, 9XC, Hornbeam

On Sale $ 370.00 Regular price $ 529.00

Medved, Prospector , Hunting, Fixed, Damascus, Hornbeam

Medved, Prospector , Hunting, Fixed, Damascus, Hornbeam

On Sale $ 181.00 Regular price $ 259.00

Hunting Knife The Last One (Stone Damascus , Hornbeam wood, Duralumin)

Medved, The Last One, Hunting, Fixed, Damascus, Hornbeam

On Sale $ 272.00 Regular price $ 389.00

Showing: 1-3 of 3


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I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me get my knives from Russia. I appreciate the customer support and willingness to answer any questions. Thanks for you great customer service, your selection is very good. The product arrived exactly when they said. I have told others to go to your site too if they need good Russian knives. Very good company, good prices, great customer service!! Thanks a lot!