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Gun Show Crossroads of the West in Costa Mesa, CA (OC Fair)

Posted by Konstantin Vasenko on


It was a great success when we presented our knives at Crossroads of the West in Costa Mesa, CA.  Lots of questions were re origin of our knives, materials used, brands presented.  We were very happy to see such friendly and curious approach.  Thank you guys!

Most Popular Kizlyar Tactical and A&R Hunting knives

The most popular models from Kizlyar were Fenix, DV-2, Katran and Samur.  A&R knives attracted lots of interest, yet out of more than 200 knives presented, most popular were models Boyarin, Dubrava, and Finka-2;  For meat lover we did show Buryat, all 3 sizes were tried in meat cutting and balancing/handling.  Some knives we call BBQ Tactical, and among those the winner is Baribal.

Surprised by Mr. Blade

Mr. Blade's tactical knife were shown at the Crossroads in limited collection.  We are expecting the shipment with all the new ones and loved Stealth, Bison and Aldo.

NRA had generated tons of traffic - raffles, lottery and gifts.  Check our some pictures

That is the famous Pig with Knives.  All knives went to those who bought the tickets:

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