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A&R, Robinson, Set, Fixed, 100X13M Stainless, Leather

A&R, Robinson, Set, Fixed, 100X13M Stainless, Leather

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Brand: A&R

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This Robinson set consists of two knives, just like Robinson and Friday from Daniel Defoe's 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe. Both knives comfort each other in multiple tasks around the campsite.

Sizable Robinson 1 has large classic form of the blade with 5 mm thickness. Side blood grooves bring additional linear strength to the blade. Spine has a working saw which might come handy in cutting bones and horns. Hollow blade form leads to thin cutting edge of 0.7mm. Large and comfy handle will not get you tired while cutting wood or branches. Robinson 1 will perform cutting and hatching around the camp. Birch bark handle will provide warmth and absorbance to the handle, not to count the great look. Overall length 330 mm; Blade length 200 mm; Blade width 43 mm; Blade thickness 5.0 mm.

Smaller Robinson 2 is universal utility knife, light and strong with classic blade design. Knife has hollow blade design from the middle of the side down to the edge. With 2.2 mm thick, has prolonged sides for superior cutting qualities. Yet, you have to be careful when working with side forces taking in consideration thinner overall thickness in the middle of the knife. Knife is good for small forest tours, camping, and picnics. Robinson 2 is a good helper when slicing or chopping (pairing) vegetables, fruits, working on game or fowl, small animals, fish. Comes as an assistant to the big Robinson. Overall length 205 mm; Blade length 100 mm; Blade width 25 mm; Blade thickness 2.2 mm

  • Brand: AIR
  • Blade Composition: 100X13M
  • Handle Composition: Leather
  • Knife Length: 333;205 mm
  • Blade Width: 40;25 mm
  • Blade Length: 200;100 mm
  • Blade Thickness: 5;2.1 mm
  • Knife Weight: 290;75 gm
  • Knife and Sheath Weight: 480 gm

Brand: A&R

Knife Type: Fixed

Collection: Set

Model: Robinson

Overall Length: 333.00 mm

Blade Length: 200 mm

Blade Width: 40 mm

Blade Thickness: 5 mm

Blade Material: 100X13M

Edge Type: Serrated

Handle Material: Leather

Color, Blade: Polished

Weight: 290 g

Weight (With Sheath): 480 g

Sheath: Leather

HRC: 58-59

Guard: None